Graduation film


In this dynamic flashy fashion film we follow a person who is looking for her identity. We see everything through the eyes of a young experimental designer. She keeps discovering new perspectives and characters through the game ‘musical chairs’. The characters are characterized through their style and fashion.

In today’s society it’s all about seeing and to be seen. New subcultures and movements constantly arise where you can take part in. Do you know which one you belong to? By experimenting with fashion and style we can change our world. That is something that fascinates me. This project is a reflection of my fascinations. Where do I get my inspiration from and what really affects me? My starting point was; the perfume commercials. Why? Seeing these commercials motivatie me as a maker. That is because of the style and aesthetic. A brand show its lifestyle and identity. Something I also try to do in my personal life. I am aware that through my fashion and style I can bring attention to my identity. Everyone has their own value to this and does it in their own ways. Nevertheless you quickly fall into a subculture by buying a product which is branded a certain way. Sometimes it happens unconsciously and you are not even aware of it. I want to bring attention to those choices within my project.


Director Joardy Tummers
Director of Photography Ino van der Sande
Gaffer Flip Kwakkel
Best boy Geerten Harmens
Producer  Louana Tummers
Production Designer Pam van der Meijs Joardy Tummers
Set builders Danny Gelder Delano Ruhulesin
Art assistant Nina van Haren
Costume design & styling Pam van der Meijs
Styling assistant Esra Copur
MakeUp and Hair Sophie Martherus    
Editor  Rychto Lawalata
Sound designer Ruud de Groot
Colorist Matthias Leemhuis
Special thanks to Véras Fawaz | Desiree Brands | Studio Ricco | Studio Grasweg | Maloney


Cher Amy Lukassen
The Giant Geerten Harmens
Bleach Lady Sophie Martherus
Faux Fur Lyon Pol